Econ 432 – Applied Environmental Economics Materials

Course Information

Intro to R and R Studio

Data Inspection and Summary Statistics

Data Visualization

Linear Regression with One Regressor

Multiple Regression

Midterm Project

Binary Outcomes

  • Notes
  • In-class Activity
    • Application 1: What influences households to switch to safer water Wells in Bangladesh?
    • Application 2: What influences households to consider obtaining a reforestation license in Brazil?

Panel Data

  • Notes
  • In-class Activity
    • Application 1: Examining bicycle crossing for 4 bridges in NYC in April 2016
    • Application 2: Understanding gasoline consumption per car in 18 countries from 1960 until 1978

Experiments, Quasi-Experiments and Stated Preferences

  • Notes
  • In-class Activity
    • Application 1: Estimating the damages from the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
    • Application 2: Estimating the WTP to protect virgin forests in Sweden

Final Project

Sample of Students’ Final Projects

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