What Determines Financial Knowledge among College Students? (with Amira Annabi and Fabian Mueller)

Using Insights from Prospect Theory to Enhance Sustainable Decision Making by Agribusinesses in Argentina (with Poonam Arora and Guillermo Podesta)

Cover Crop Adoption Decisions in Iowa: Insights from an In-Person Survey (with et al.)

Agricultural Land Use Change in The Corn Belt (with Yongjie Ji)Land Use Change Maps Over the Years

An Overview of Carbon Offsets from Agriculture (with Catherine L. Kling and Adriana Valcu)

Working Papers

Double-dipping in Environmental Markets under Two Second Best Scenarios (with Catherine L. Kling)

Cost-Share Effectiveness in the Diffusion of a New Pollution Abatement Technology in Agriculture: The Case of Cover Crops in Iowa (with J. Gordon Arbuckle Jr.)

Gender Specific Risk Preferences, Intra-Household Bargaining, and Investment Decisions: Experimental Evidence from Rural Cameroon (with Niccolo Meriggi)

Work in Progress

The Effect of Nudges on the Willingness to Accept to Adopt Cover Crops (with Catherine L. Kling and Dave Keiser) –Funded through USDA-ERS