Microeconomics Podcasts


Opportunity Cost and Benefits from Trade:

  • Episode 963: 13,000 Economists. 1 Question by NPR Planet Money (Aired on 1/10/2020; Duration: 21:01)
    • discusses concepts such as opportunity cost, thinking at the margin, and comparative advantage. It also includes more advanced topics such as causal inference and the lump of labor fallacy. 
  • Episode 755: The Phone at The End of The World by NPR Planet Money (Aired on: 7/17/2017; Duration: 19:23)
    • showcases the benefits of trade and the danger of protectionist policies in Argentina

Demand and Supply:

Price Controls:

  • Episode 562: A Mall Divided by NPR Planet Money (Aired on 08/22/2014; duration: 12:54)
    • great for minimum wage discussions and issues arising when adjacent counties/states have different min wages
  • Does Raising the Minimum Wage Kill Jobs by NPR Planet Money (Aired on 3/4/2014: length: 4:32)
    • given that the static model in most intro textbooks show that unemployment is created by price controls, this podcast shows that answering the question from is complicated and that research has shown mixed results. 


  •  The Kansas Experiment  by NPR Planet Monday (Aired on 01/11/17; Duration: 21:18)
    • perfect when covering the Laffer Curve (Bonus: Laffer is interviewed in the podcast)
  • Episode 945: The Liberty City by NPR Planet Money (Aired on 10/18/2019; Duration: 23:30)
    • includes information on Von Ormy, Texas, a city that does not collect taxes

International Trade:

  • When tariffs Hit Home  by NPR Planet Money – The Indicator (Aired on 1/23/2019; Duration: 9:29)
  • Tariffs and Tourists and Trade Wars, Oh My! by NPR Planet Money The Indicator Podcast (Aired on 9/26/2018; Duration: 9:34)
  • Episode 833: Worst. Tariffs. Ever by NPR Planet Money (Aired on 3/30/2018; Duration: 21:06)
    • Excellent review of the consequences of Smoot-Hawley tariff act of 1930. 
  • Episode 835: Tariffied by NPR Planet Money (Aired on 4/13/2018; Duration: 21:32)
  • Did China Eat America’s Jobs? by Freakonomics Radio (Aired on 1/25/2017; Duration: 38:21)
    • A more in-depth discussion about the consequences of trade and its benefits and costs.   
    • It includes a discussion about those that have been harmed by trade and policies that could be implemented to help them. 

Externalities, Public Goods, and Common Resources:

Imperfect Competition (Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopolies:

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