Microeconomics Podcasts


Opportunity Cost and Benefits from Trade:

  • Episode 963: 13,000 Economists. 1 Question by NPR Planet Money (Aired on 1/10/2020; Duration: 21:01)
    • discusses concepts such as opportunity cost, thinking at the margin, and comparative advantage. It also includes more advanced topics such as causal inference and the lump of labor fallacy. 
  • Episode 755: The Phone at The End of The World by NPR Planet Money (Aired on: 7/17/2017; Duration: 19:23)
    • showcases the benefits of trade and the danger of protectionist policies in Argentina

Demand and Supply:

Price Controls:


International Trade:

  • When tariffs Hit Home  by NPR Planet Money – The Indicator (Aired on 1/23/2019; Duration: 9:29)
  • Tariffs and Tourists and Trade Wars, Oh My! by NPR Planet Money The Indicator Podcast (Aired on 9/26/2018; Duration: 9:34)
  • Episode 833: Worst. Tariffs. Ever by NPR Planet Money (Aired on 3/30/2018; Duration: 21:06)
    • Excellent review of the consequences of Smoot-Hawley tariff act of 1930. 
  • Episode 835: Tariffied by NPR Planet Money (Aired on 4/13/2018; Duration: 21:32)
  • Did China Eat America’s Jobs? by Freakonomics Radio (Aired on 1/25/2017; Duration: 38:21)
    • A more in-depth discussion about the consequences of trade and its benefits and costs.   
    • It includes a discussion about those that have been harmed by trade and policies that could be implemented to help them. 

Externalities, Public Goods, and Common Resources:

Imperfect Competition (Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition, Oligopolies:

Equity and Justice

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